Collection: “On The Course” Golf Betting Game

Take Your Trash Talk and Laughs to a New Level You will have a blast with your Golf Buddies when you break out one of our Vegas Golf fun golf betting games. Only one game is needed per foursome. It begins with players agreeing on a value for each chip. Golfers want the positives & want to avoid the negative chips. New Grave Digger…takes you more than one shot to get out of the sand tr. . . Show More >

An Ultimate Betting Adventure on the Course

Get ready to ramp up the fun on the fairway with Vegas Golf Game! It's not just a game; it's a wild ride of strategy and excitement that blends the skill of golf with the electrifying buzz of betting fun. Each stroke, each putt could flip the game on its head – talk about a thrill! Crafted for golf lovers of all stripes, from the newbie swinger to the high handicappers, our games are a level playing field where everyone gets a shot at glory. With Vegas Golf, you're diving into more than just a game; you're igniting the spirit of golf with a twist of friendly competition. Whether you're marking your ball on the green or plotting your next golf getaway, our Vegas golf chip games bring that extra zing of rivalry and fun. It's the ultimate game-changer, making every golf outing an adventure!

Take Your Golf Betting Fun to the Next Level with Friends

Golf isn't just a sport, it's the ultimate hangout with your pals, a battlefield for friendly rivalry, and a treasure trove of unforgettable moments. Whether you're a duo, a trio, or a fantastic foursome, our Vegas golf chip games are the secret ingredient to spice up your game. Imagine transforming a regular round of golf into a riveting betting battle. As you move from hole to hole, the stakes rise, the laughter gets louder, and every round becomes a memorable saga. Picture the thrill of navigating the course's twists and turns, betting chips in hand, in a spirit of camaraderie yet fierce competition. These aren't just golf games, they're epic adventures, leaving you and your buddies with stories to share way beyond the 18th hole. Get ready for a golfing experience that's anything but par for the course!

Enhance Your Game with Extra Betting Chips

Jazz up your golf game with a personal twist! With Vegas golf, you get to style your betting game just the way you like it. Our smorgasbord of extra betting chips lets you sprinkle in your own flavor to the golf course or side bets. Fancy ramping up the risk with a high-stake chip? Or maybe throw in a quirky novelty chip for a laugh? We've got it all! Tailoring your game with these chips means no two rounds are ever the same. Keep it fresh, keep it exciting, and most importantly, keep it uniquely yours. So, gear up to make every golf outing with your buddies a one-of-a-kind betting bonanza that's as individual as your swing!

Perfect Gifts for Every Golf Enthusiast

Up the ante in gift-giving with Vegas golf game! It's a ticket to excitement, competition, and a whole new level of golfing fun. Whether it's for a birthday bash, a festive treat, or just because you're feeling generous, gifting a Vegas golf betting game is like giving a never-ending supply of laughs and thrills. This isn't just another golf game, it's an all-access pass to hours of enjoyment and a fresh twist on the game they love. For that golf fanatic in your life, Our Vegas golf games are unforgettable experiences that truly break the mold. Get ready to be the hero of their golfing story!


How many Players can Play the Vegas golf game?

The Vegas Golf chip game is perfect for a foursome – that's four players. You only need one game set per group. Each golfer starts chip-free and agrees on the poker chips' value before the first tee-off. When a player makes a shot matching a chip's designation, they snag that chip. It's a game of hot potato – you keep the chip until someone else makes the same shot.

How can you win the Vegas golf betting game?

Winning the Vegas Golf chip game? It's all about strategy – collect those positive chips and dodge the negative ones. At the round's end, it's pay-up time, with each chip usually counting as a dollar. Holding a negative chip? You're paying each player for each negative chip you've got. Got positive chips? You're cashing in from the others. It's a level playing field, with the aim to hoard the good chips and avoid the bad, and the final score settles at the 9th or 18th hole.

How much money can you bet in the Vegas golf game?

The stakes? You decide! In the Vegas Golf chip game, the betting amount is a group decision before starting. Assign a dollar value to each chip at the beginning. End of the game? Negative chip holders pay out for each chip they have, while positive chip holders get paid. It's all about what you agree on – keep it friendly or up the ante!