Golf Betting Games for an Exciting Vacation Trip

Golf Betting Games for an Exciting Vacation Trip

Planning a golf vacation with friends can be a thrilling experience, but it becomes even more enjoyable when you incorporate golf betting games into the mix. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just enjoy hitting the links occasionally, there are various betting games that can add an extra layer of fun and competition to your golf trip. Here, we'll explore some creative ideas for golf betting games, based on the opinions of avid golfers who have tried and tested these games on their vacations.

Best Golf Betting Games For Vacation Trip

Individual Skins for Great Moments

Individual skins betting is a fantastic way to reward outstanding shots and moments on the golf course. This game allows players to focus on their individual performance, making it suitable for golfers who might not consistently win in other formats. With individual skins, players can win money for exceptional holes, even if their overall performance isn't the best.

Multi-Format Madness

For those who love variety and want to keep everyone engaged throughout the trip, consider a multi-format approach. One suggestion is a two-man best ball format, paired with a double elimination 9-hole match play bracket. To add more excitement, include closest-to-the-pin contests on par threes and a skins game. This mix of formats and side bets ensures that every player has a reason to play their best on every hole.

Ryder Cup Style Team Play

For a team-oriented and less intense betting experience, try organizing your golf trip in a Ryder Cup style. Divide your group into two teams and compete in various formats. The losing team could be responsible for covering dinner and drinks on the final night, as well as cleaning the rental property. This approach encourages camaraderie and teamwork while allowing individual matchups to have side bets as they wish, respecting each player's comfort level.

Keeping Everyone in the Game

A common desire among golfers is to keep everyone involved and motivated, regardless of their performance early in the round. One way to achieve this is through a big pot skins game for the entire trip. Each participant contributes to the pot, creating a substantial prize pool. With this format, even players who struggle initially have a chance to win money. It keeps the excitement alive throughout the trip and adds an element of unpredictability.

Pay Up Sucker:  A Fun Twist

Looking to add some humor to your golf trip? Try "Pay Up Sucker!" This two-man team game involves small bets for achieving specific golf feats, like the longest drive in the fairway or making an impressive up-and-down. When a qualifying action is completed, the other team members must immediately pay a dollar to the successful player. It's a lighthearted way to enjoy some friendly banter and adds an element of surprise and laughter to the game.

Versatile Betting Games for All

For maximum flexibility and fun, consider Stableford scoring, which allows all eight players to compete for the same pot. This format can also be adapted to two-man teams, offering a different dynamic. Additionally, you can change things up with scramble or alternating shots formats. To introduce side bets within each foursome, options like bingo bango bongo and wolf provide additional excitement and strategy.


Planning a golf vacation with betting games can elevate your trip to a new level of enjoyment. Whether you prefer individual or team formats, there are plenty of options to keep everyone engaged, motivated, and entertained throughout the trip. So, gather your golf buddies, pick your favorite betting games, and get ready for a golf vacation filled with unforgettable moments on the course.

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