Common Questions

Commonly Asked Questions:


How many games are needed per foursome?

Only 1 game is needed per foursome. The person that has the game distributes the chips as they are earned.

How do you get rid of a negative chip?

Easy! For example if you obtained the tree chip because your shot went into the woods don't worry about it. Just keep your eye out for the next person that goes into the woods so you can pass it to them!


What happens when two people go into the woods?

As with the example above. If you have a negative chip and another player did the same shot after you, you must give them that chip before you walk off that green for the hole. Same with a positive chip. If you had a great shot that earned you a positive chip, it is up to you to ask for it before you step off the green!

How does the BEER CHIP WORK?

This chip works differently than the others. Quite easy and quite fun! It is only used on Par 3's. Whoever has the worst tee shot gets the Beer Chip. If it is in your pocket when the BEER CART comes... you are buying! You better get the next par 3 and have a better shot before the BEER CART comes again!

Do you offer Vegas Golf Games Wholesale?

YES! Contact me directly for orders of 24 units for wholesale pricing.

772-359-0377 or email me at

Can we get our company logo printed on the back of the chips for golf tournaments and tee prizes?

YES! We offer custom imprinting on the back of each chip for various golf tournaments and sponsors. Minimum order for a custom corporate/event logo is only 50 units.