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Vegas Golf "On The Course" Golf Gambling Game

Vegas Golf is an “On The Course Gambling Game” that is fun and easy for all levels of golfers from beginners to experts. The Original Game Now Includes:       9 Real Casino style Chips, Velvet Chip Pouch, Gift Box and Instructions.  We also offer our High Roller 15 chip Edition or make up your game with our chips.  VIEW ONLINE DEMO. Vegas Golf has been voted Best Golf Premium and Best Golf Fundraiser (see Fundraiser program below).

Vegas Golf is an item that is used over and over again. We offer FREE custom imprinting of your LOGO on the back of 8 of the main chips. No art fees, no set up fees!  Contact us for pricing and free virtuals.


This is also an extremely popular item!  Your logo is printed in the middle and/or on the back of the entire towel.  Comes with our popular Beer Chip Game.

Beer Chip Rule:

1) Only to be used on Par 3's

2) Whoever has the worst tee shot gets the Beer Chip

3) If it is in your pocket when the Beer/Beverage Cart comes...YOU ARE BUYING!






Here is how our game can raise $5000 during an average fundraiser tournament of 144 golfers:

Each player receives a Vegas Golf game in the golf cart (which has the sponsor or tournament logo on the back of every chip)

Have a fundraiser representative welcome each foursome as the pull up to the first tee.

Example: “Thank you for coming out to support Breast Cancer today. Each of you has received a complimentary Vegas Golf Game. Only one game is needed for each foursome. Would one of you take it out and decide as a foursome how much your group will be wagering per chip. We will be writing down each foursome along with your wager.

We would like each foursome to donate all of the negative chips (Water, Trees, Sand, 8-Ball, 3-Putt) to Breast Cancer. Whoever ends up with these chips at the end of 18 holes….please do not pay the other players! Once all of the foursomes are back at the clubhouse we will announce each foursome. At that time whoever ended up with the donated chips (Water, Trees, Sand, 8-Ball, 3-Putt) please come up with the money you would have paid each of the other players and give it to the Breast Cancer representative.” A FUN WAY TO RAISE ADDITIONAL MONEY FOR THE CHARITY!”

THERE IS NO OTHER GOLF PREMIUM THAT ACTUALLY MAKES THE CHARITY MORE MONEY THAN THE ACTUAL PREMIUM ITSELF WHILE HAVING FUN ON THE GOLF COURSE. (Example: If just the negative chips were donated to charity (could add the positive ones too) and each wager was only at $10.00 per chip …..that means each foursome would end up giving the charity $150.00 per foursome! Don’t forget each player gets to keep his or her own game with the sponsor/charity imprinted on the back of every chip to be used time and time again!
Additional Idea to raise even more money:
(In order to get the wagers up….the organizers do a silent auction at the first tee. Example: The representative would say “The top 3 foursomes with the highest wager per chip receive a gift certificate to the Country Club, dinner for two at Charlies, movie tickets, etc..” They get this at no charge from various sponsors for the charity event and it helps up the wager of each foursome in the name of the charity).

OTHER FUNDRAISER IDEAS to incorporate: For large events that have a beer sponsor…have the beer company sponsor the new BEER Chip by putting their logo and image on the back. Beer Chip Rule: Every par three …the furthest from the pin on the opening drive….gets the Beer Chip. ) This means when the beer cart comes by..that person is buying! The back of the Beer Chip would have image of the sponsoring beer company with a message underneath TIME TO BUY US A CORONA!

Call us for free mockups.  Sample packs also available.  772-359-0377