Definitions of Chips

Positive Chips Definitions: RED chips are positive             (Chips vary by version purchased)

Birdie – 1 under par
1Putt – Once you are on the green it takes 1-putt to sink it
Closest to the Pin – (normally played on par 3 holes. Best tee shot)
Sandy – Out of Sand trap and in the hole in 2 shots!
Chip In – When a ball is off the green and is chipped onto the green and into the hole! Tip make 2x bet.
Eagle – 2 under par! Tip make this 3x the bet.
3 Pars in a row – When some scores par or less in three consecutive holes! Tip make 2x bet.
Longest Drive- The longest drive on all par 5’s. But it must be in the fairway!

Cowboy UP!- This is our latest positive chip.  COWBOY UP is given to a player that has the highest score on the first nine and gets the lowest score on the back nine!  This can be assigned any value but we suggest 2X the wager.  Gives that player an incentive to COWBOY UP!

Skipper- Have fun with this one!  This is for skilled players that  can hit a ball into the water and have it skip across into the fairway.  Great for those lucky players.  Reward yourself with 2x the average chip bet.

PAR TEE- PAR TEE TIMEThis is chip is a positive chip given to the last person that pars a hole.  Only to be used for a Par.  If someone Eagles or Birdies....they do not get this chip. 

Lowest Score- This chip is for the player that has the lowest score!  Worth 3x the value of your normal chip bet OR can be determined at the beginning of the round.  With a confident foursome this can get pricey! This can be used at end of 18 or break it up for front nine and back nine.

WILD- Your group makes up their own rule before teeing off on the first hole. (Cart Path, Hitting a house, etc..) Can be a positive or negative.

MULLIGAN CHIPS-: Add a new twist to Vegas Golf by incorporating some Mulligan Chips. Golfers sometimes have a hard time keeping others honest with their mulligans. If your group plays 1 mulligan per nine, simply give each player their Mulligan Chip before teeing off. When they are going to use it they must hand their Mulligan Chip in! This way there is no gray area if that player used his Mulligan.


Negative Chip Definitions: 

Sand – When one hits their ball into a sand-trap!.
Water- When a player hits their ball into the water
Trees- When a player hits their ball into the trees/woods. (If it is a gray area ..majority rules)
3Putt – Once ball is on the green it takes 3 putts to sink the ball
8 Ball – Scoring an 8 or more on a hole
Lost Ball – Losing a ball. Tip set a time limit to look for lost balls!
Out Of Bounds – When a player hits their ball out of bounds. Look for boundary
Seven – Scoring exactly 7 on a hole
SKULL – This is when someone tops a ball. If there is any question whether it was a SKULL or not its goes to majority vote.
Putt Off – When your ball is on the green and a player putts it off the green.
%$*#?! – When a player uses unusually loud fowl language or throws or bangs his or her club on the ground. Get ready to pass this around after every swing!
Grave Digger – When it takes more than 1 shot to get out of a sandtrap!
Magic Carpet – When a larger than normal divot goes into the air with a bad shot! Sometimes with the divot going further than the ball!

Can’t Putt This – This takes some of you back to the MC Hammer days! To start: The Can’t Putt This chip will be given to player furthest from the first hole when everyone is on the green and no one has putted.

After the first hole:
The player with the chip may challenge another player to a putt challenge! (both players must be a minimum of 2 flagsticks away from the hole). Closest to the hole in one putt wins.
Winner of the putt challenge can gain 1 good chip off his or her opponent or give 1 bad chip to his or her opponent.
Player with Can’t Putt This chip can challenge any opponent on any hole.
**Optional Rule: 
Must be decided before teeing off or this rule does not apply.
Must be used on last hole and all players 2 flag sticks away must participate. The loser keeps the Can’t Putt This chip!

Worm Burner – Ball screams across grass….never gets in the air
You Suck – Worth 3x wager ( you get three hazards in a row). Easier than you think!  For example: you go into the sandtrap (1 Sand) it takes you 2 or more shots to get out (2 Grave Digger) then you hit it into another sandtrap or into the trees or into the water (3).Other examples:  Go from Out of Bounds to Sand to getting a 7 on a hole.  Many ways this can happen on one bad hole.  Probably the best trash talking chip!

Lady Chip – It can be used if one does not drive past the ladies tee and/or can be used if one misses a put from less than 2 feet away! Note: Ladies don’t be offended, We know you are better than most men! Men…if you are playing with ladies and a lady outdrives you, you must pay 2x the wager of the chip on the spot to the lady that outdrove you. She must ask for it after her drive. It is too late if she asks for it after her second shot. There is no exchange of the chip…just a given rule for the ladies.

BEER! MOST POPULAR CHIP! Every Par 3…the furthest from the pin on the opening drive gets the BEER CHIP. If it is in your pocket when the Beer Cart comes you must buy a round ! The only way you get rid of it is having a better shot on the next Par 3. What happens if the Beer Cart comes by again before the next Par 3? Answer: Then you are still buying.

DevilThis is a negative chip.  You earn this when you get exactly three 6's in a row!   If you get a six, next hole a six then next hole a 7 or 8 it does not count.  Must score exactly three sixes in a row.  If your group has another idea for this chip....feel free as long as everyone agrees before teeing off.

TourniquetStop The Bleeding!  This is a negative chip when a golfer scores more than par three holes in a row.

Covid Chip- This is certainly not meant to trivialize this pandemic.  This is a negative chip given to the last person that misses a putt from 6 feet or less.  To make things easy we suggest using two putter lengths.  Close enough to make this a fun chip.   Keep in mind if you miss a 3 footer but the next golfer misses the 2 footer... he gets the chip.  Always the last person on the hole who misses that putt.

MAN-MADE- One of customers came up with this new chip!  This is when your ball hits anything man-made.  Examples: cart path, sprinkler head, golf cart, house, fence, road, etc..   Man-made lakes do not count. 

Highest ScoreThis is our newest chip.  Many customers have asked for a chip for the worst score to add to their negative chips.   I imagine these must have been the better golfers of their group.  Here it is!  Remember the game can be played over 18 holes or split up over the front 9 and back 9.  Good luck

POP UP- This is when you get under your tee-shot and it POPS UP in the air and only goes half your regular distance.   Your group can vote if it qualifies for a POP UP!