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Vegas Golf Game

12 Chip Edition! "On The Course Golf Game"

12 Chip Edition! "On The Course Golf Game"

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This NEW Poker Chip Golf Game comes with 12 of our most popular chips.

Chips include: Positive: Birdie, 1-Putt, Par Tee, Longest Drive, Lowest Score, Wild

                        Negative: Water, Sand, Trees, 3-Putt, Beer, 8-Ball 

  • Velvet drawstring bag included
  • 2 sets of Laminated Instructions with definitions of each chip
  • 1 Game...LOTS OF LAUGHS!    

Definition of chips included:

 Birdie – 1 under par
 1Putt – Once you are on the green it takes 1-putt to sink it                                         
PAR TEE- PAR TEE TIMEThis is chip is a positive chip given to the last person that pars a hole.  Only to be used for a Par.  If someone Eagles or Birdies....they do not get this chip.

 Longest Drive- The longest drive on all par 5’s. But it must be in the fairway!       Lowest Score- This chip is for the player that has the lowest score!  Worth 3x the value of your normal chip bet OR can be determined at the beginning of the round.  With a confident foursome this can get pricey! This can be used at end of 18 or break it up for front nine and back nine.                                                                                            WILD- Your group makes up their own rule before teeing off on the first hole. (Cart Path, Hitting a house, etc..) Can be a positive or negative.


Sand – When one hits their ball into a sand-trap!.
Water- When a player hits their ball into the water
Trees- When a player hits their ball into the trees/woods. (If it is a gray area ..majority rules)
3Putt – Once ball is on the green it takes 3 putts to sink the ball
8 Ball – Scoring an 8 or more on a hole

BEER!- MOST POPULAR CHIP! Every Par 3…the furthest from the pin on the opening drive gets the BEER CHIP. If it is in your pocket when the Beer Cart comes you must buy a round ! The only way you get rid of it is having a better shot on the next Par 3. What happens if the Beer Cart comes by again before the next Par 3? Answer: Then you are still buying.  (Can be used as a beverage chip) 


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