05 Popular Golf Side Bets That Will Spice Up Your Game

05 Popular Golf Side Bets That Will Spice Up Your Game


Golf is not only a game of skill and precision but also one of strategy and fun competition among friends. Integrating side golf bets can add a thrilling layer to your usual round of golf. This article will explore five popular side golf betting games that can bring excitement and a friendly competitive edge to your game.

Nassau: The Classic Three-in-One Golf Bet

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Nassau is perhaps the most well-known side bet in golf. It consists of three separate bets: one for the front nine holes, one for the back nine, and one for the overall 18 holes. This type of bet is perfect for golfers of all levels because it allows players to recoup losses or capitalize on a good start.

Skins: Hole-by-Hole Excitement

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The Skins game is a classic betting format where each hole has a set value and the player with the lowest score on a hole wins that "skin." If players tie a hole, the value carries over, creating the potential for big wins.

Bingo Bango Bongo: A Game of Timing and Skill

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Bingo Bango Bongo awards points throughout the round for three different achievements on each hole: being the first to reach the green (Bingo), being closest to the pin once all balls are on the green (Bango) and being the first to hole out (Bongo).

Vegas: The High Stakes Challenge

The Vegas betting system turns the golf course into a mini casino. It involves creating teams of two and assigning point values to each hole. The twist is in the scoring format, which can lead to high-stakes situations and big swings in fortune.

Wolf: The Strategic Partnership Game

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In Wolf, players take turns being the 'Wolf' on each hole. The Wolf can choose to play the hole 1 vs 3 or partner with another player to create a 2 vs 2 match. Points are awarded based on the outcome of the hole, and strategy is key.

Strategic Considerations for Side Betting in Golf

When engaging inside bets, it’s essential to consider the handicaps of all players involved, the stakes, and the rules you want to play by. These bets can be adjusted to match the skill levels and preferences of any group.

Rules and Etiquette: Keeping the Game Fair and Fun

While side betting is mostly about fun, it's important to follow basic etiquette and rules. This ensures that the game remains enjoyable for everyone involved.


In conclusion, integrating side bets into your golf game can create unforgettable experiences and deepen the enjoyment of the sport. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a casual player, these five popular side bets are sure to add excitement and friendly competition to your next round. Remember, it's not just about winning or losing; it's about making the game of golf even more fun and engaging.


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