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Vegas Golf Game

All-in Bonus Pack On The Course Golf Gambling Game

All-in Bonus Pack On The Course Golf Gambling Game

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Welcome to the #1 selling golf betting game in the world! Trash talk and have lots of laughs challenging your golf buddies on the course. Here at Vegas Golf Game, we offer over 70 different golf poker chips to incorporate into any of our games. The All-In now has 27 authentic and hilarious poker chips that reward you for positive shots and has many hazard chips that punish you for negative shots. Newest chip added is our HULK G.I.R Green In Regulation!

Vegas Golf levels the playing field for all golfers regardless of their skill level. Only 1 game is needed per foursome. This game can also be played on the course with just two players as well. Simply decide which chips you would like to put in play for that round (most likely all of them). Place a wager for the chips (example $1 or for those High Rollers..$10 a chip). 

All-in Bonus Pack Overview

Players want to collect the positive chips and avoid the negative ones. If you Birdie a hole and another player birdies the same hole after you or birdies a hole after, they must ask for that chip before they walk off the green. It is always the last player that completes the positive shot or makes a negative shot.

Features of the All-in Bonus Pack Gambling Golf Chips

Now with 27 diverse gamble chips, from the "Closest to the Pin" to 'Sand' our All-in Bonus Pack offers an assortment of options to keep things fresh. Perfect for 2,3 or 4 players, each chip in this set brings a new challenge to the table. Plus, we provide a new deluxe tee/chip bag to conveniently carry your set on the golf course.

Rules for Playing Golf Gambling Games

Vegas Golf is easy to play and guaranteed to give your group lots of laughs on the golf course. Vegas Golf certainly promotes lots of friendly trash-talking. See our online demo. Each game comes with a set of easy instructions.

One of our most popular chips is the BEER CHIP or beverage chip for those that do not drink alcohol. This chip is only used on Par 3's. Whoever has the worse tee shot receives the Beer Chip. If it is in your pocket when the "Beverage Cart" comes by....guess who is buying:)! Better get to the next Par 3 and have a better shot before the "Beverage Cart" comes by again! Vegas Golf ....One Game.....Lots of Laughs! 

Pricing and Shipping

Ready to dive in? Our All-in Bonus Pack is priced at $39.95 USD .Grab your set today and let the golf betting game begin!

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