Golf Gambling Games for Higher Handicappers

Golf Gambling Games for Higher Handicappers

Golf, often seen as a gentleman's game, has a beauty that lies in its ability to accommodate players of all skill levels. While the professional tours might dazzle with their near-perfect shots and immaculate precision, the real charm of the sport is evident on the greens and fairways filled with weekend golfers. Among these are higher handicap golfers who, while not as consistent as the pros, love and enjoy the game just as much. The challenge is creating golf betting games and formats that ensure fair play for these higher handicaps. Let’s discuss some of the best methods and formats for ensuring everyone has an equal chance.

Understanding Handicaps in Golf

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For the uninitiated, a handicap in golf is essentially a number that represents a player's potential playing ability based on past performances. It's a brilliant system that attempts to level the playing field. A player with a handicap of 24 is given more strokes (advantages) than someone with a handicap of 6, which in theory should make their match competitive.

The Issue with Handicaps in Skins and Group Games

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When setting up games, especially in larger groups, there's always the question of fairness. How can Bob, with a handicap of 24, feel he's on an even playing field against John, who sits at a handicap of 6?

The described method offers a solution for new players, don’t allow them to participate in betting games right off the bat. Instead, have them play a few rounds and use those scores to determine a fair handicap within the group. This could help eliminate the potential for sandbagging or dishonesty about one’s true ability.

The Magic of Rotating Teammates

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An engaging format that keeps things fresh is the rotation of teammates. In a group of four, like Bob, John, Ted, and Bill, players can rotate partners every six holes. This ensures everyone gets to team up and play against each other, providing variety and different dynamics each time. With this method, specific handicaps apply based on matchups, ensuring fair play.

League Handicap: A Fair Approach

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Another exciting proposition for groups that play regularly is to maintain a "league handicap." Under this system, only rounds played within the group count towards determining a player's handicap. This not only fosters a sense of support but also ensures that the handicap is genuinely reflective of a player's performance within that group.

Ward Off Sandbagging with Transparent Handicaps

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As much as we love the game, it’s an unfortunate truth that some players might exaggerate their handicaps, be it to gain an advantage or just out of vanity. This is where transparency comes in. If you’re gambling or playing competitive games within your group, insist on seeing legit handicap cards or GHIN numbers. It ensures honesty and trust within the group.

Embracing Other Fun Formats

Apart from the standard formats, other games like "Wolf" can be well-suited for groups with varying handicaps. Additionally, using 80% of a player's handicap or pairing higher handicaps with lower ones and calculating a net score can make for thrilling matchups.


Golf is a game of honor, patience, and skill. For higher handicap players, it's essential to have game formats that offer a fair chance and enjoyment. Through transparent handicaps, rotating teammates, and introducing different games and formats, we can ensure that golf remains the beloved sport it is for everyone. Whether you're a single-digit handicap or someone who's just starting, Don’t worry golf course welcomes you with open arms.

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