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Vegas Golf Game

NEW HULK G.I.R. Green In Regulation

NEW HULK G.I.R. Green In Regulation

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OUR NEWEST CHIP! HULK G.I.R. Green In Regulation Chip is when a ball reaches the putting surface in two or more strokes less than par, regardless of how it gets there. A few examples of GIR's: A Par 5 green reached in two shots. A Par 5 missed in two but the short game shot hit on the green in three.  Another fun positive chip!

How can I Improve my GIR ( Green in Regulation ) For the Golf Betting Games? 

To improve your GIR (Green In Regulation) for golf betting games, practice hitting greens from different distances and angles with a variety of clubs in different conditions. Focus on distance control, hitting the ball high, and hitting different trajectories. Use course management and club selection to your advantage, and develop a pre-shot routine to help you focus and hit the ball more consistently.

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