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Vegas Golf Game

Mulligan Chips

Mulligan Chips

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Add a new twist to Vegas Golf by incorporating some Mulligan Chips. Golfers sometimes have a hard time keeping others honest with their mulligans. If your group plays 1 mulligan per nine, simply give each player their Mulligan Chip before teeing off. When they are going to use it they must hand their Mulligan Chip in! This way there is no gray area if that player used his Mulligan.

Another option is to do a blind draw with all of the Vegas Golf Chips before teeing off. Throw 1 or 2 Mulligan Chips into the mix. Every player takes 2-4 chips blindly from the bag. Hopefully you will be the one that gets a Mulligan!

We have added a different joke to the back of each one for some extra laughs. Only $7.95 for Set of 4

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