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Vegas Golf Diva

Funny Ladies Golf Towel

Funny Ladies Golf Towel

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Turn heads and add a dash of humor to your golf betting game with our funny ladies' golf towels! This isn't just an accessory. It's a statement of your fun-loving spirit and passion for golf.

Have Fun with Whimsical Pink Golf Towels

Life's too short for boring golf accessories! Our bright and fun golf towels are a pop of pink that bring cheer to your golf game. These whimsical ladies' golf towels have playful designs and phrases like "Ladies Par-Tee" and "Kiss My Putt" to give you and your fellow golfers a good laugh.

Stand Out on the Course

Why blend in when you can stand out? Our new ladies golf towels offer a unique blend of fun and functionality, making you the talk of the course.

High-Quality and Practical Design

We don't just prioritize style, we ensure quality, too! Made with a microfiber waffle design, these towels are perfect for both home and office use. They are soft, absorbent, and easy to clean, making them a practical accessory for any golf enthusiast.

Perfect Size and Easy Attachment

Our 16"x16" ladies' golf towels strike the perfect balance between functionality and convenience. What’s more, every towel comes with a carabiner attachment for easy securing to your golf bag.

Save with a Bundle Purchase

Buy more, save more! With our bundle purchase, you can get your hands on these funky towels without breaking the bank.

Complete the Look with a Matching Tin Sign

And the fun doesn’t stop at towels. Each towel design has a matching tin sign that's perfect for your home or office. So, while your towel is turning heads on the course, let your sign do the talking at home or work!

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