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Vegas Golf The Game

Vegas Golf ALLIN/BET THE HOUSE Golf Gift Pack

Vegas Golf ALLIN/BET THE HOUSE Golf Gift Pack

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This is the ULTIMATE Vegas Golf Gift!  Includes our 26 chip ALL-IN "On The Course" Gambling Game with Deluxe Tee Bag, 4 of our double-sided magnetic clips with carabiners to attach to each players golf bag to easily keep their Vegas Golf chips handy, New Need Beer Golf Towel to hang on their golf cart to let the Beverage Cart know they need beer (this also comes with an extra Beer Chip and 13 additional chips!  Now they will have every chip Vegas Golf produces! 

Extra chips include:

HULK/GIR -(Green in Regulation)

COWBOY UP- is given to a player that has the highest score on the first nine and gets the lowest score on the back nine!  This can be assigned any value but we suggest 2X the wager.   Gives that player an incentive to COWBOY UP!

SkipperHave fun with this one!  This is for skilled players that  can hit a ball into the water and have it skip across into the fairway.  Great for those lucky players.  Reward yourself with 2x the average chip bet.

POP UPThis is when you get under your tee-shot and it POPS UP in the air and only goes half your regular distance.   Your group can vote if it qualifies for a POP UP! 

DEVIL- You earn this when you get exactly three 6's in a row!   If you get a six, next hole a six then next hole a 7 or 8 it does not count.  Must score exactly three sixes in a row. 

Magic Carpet-When a larger than normal divot goes into the air with a bad shot! Sometimes with the divot going further than the ball!

Cant Putt This- The last player that misses their putt on the first hole gets this chip. Now they can use it to challenge any other player when they feel their opponent will come up shorter than they do.  If you win, you get one of your players positive chips. If they dont have any you can give them one of your negative chips.  It is your choice if you won the putt contest to keep the Cant putt this or hand it to the loser of the challenge.  Dont get stuck with it becuase it will be counted as a negative at the end of the round!

COVID-This is a negative chip given to the last person that misses a putt from 6 feet or less.  To make things easy we suggest using two putter lengths.  Close enough to make this a fun chip.   Keep in mind if you miss a 3 footer but the next golfer misses the 2 footer... he gets the chip.  Always the last person on the hole who misses that putt.

Tourniquet-This is a negative chip when a golfer scores more than par three holes in a row.

PLUS 4 Mulligan Chips!  Each Mulligan chip has a different funny golf joke on the back. 

Add a new twist to Vegas Golf by incorporating some Mulligan Chips. Golfers sometimes have a hard time keeping others honest with their mulligans. If your group plays 1 mulligan per nine, simply give each player their Mulligan Chip before teeing off. When they are going to use it they must hand their Mulligan Chip in! This way there is no gray area if that player used his Mulligan.

Another option is to do a blind draw with all of the Vegas Golf Chips before teeing off. Throw 1 or 2 Mulligan Chips into the mix. Every player takes 2-4 chips blindly from the bag. Hopefully you will be the one that gets a Mulligan!




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