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Vegas Golf Game

Magic Carpet and Can't Put This Bonus Pack

Magic Carpet and Can't Put This Bonus Pack

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Can't Put This Chip

This takes some of you back to the MC Hammer days! To start: The Can’t Putt This chip will be given to player furthest from the first hole when everyone is on the green and no one has putted.

After the first hole:

The player with the chip may challenge another player to a putt challenge! (both players must be a minimum of 2 flagsticks away from the hole). Closest to the hole in one putt wins.

Winner of the putt challenge can gain 1 good chip off his or her opponent or give 1 bad chip to his or her opponent.

Player with Can’t Putt This chip can challenge any opponent on any hole.

**Optional Rule:

  • Must be decided before teeing off or this rule does not apply.
  • Must be used on last hole and all players 2 flag sticks away must participate. The loser keeps the Can’t Putt This chip!

Magic Carpet Chip

When a larger than normal divot goes into the air with a bad shot! Sometimes with the divot going further than the ball!

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