5 Easy Golf Games for Betting Among Friends

5 Easy Golf Games for Betting Among Friends

Golf is a sport filled with tradition, skill, and a fair bit of friendly competition. Adding a little extra excitement to your round with some good-natured betting can spice things up and create lasting memories among friends. Here are five easy golf betting games that are perfect for wagering a few dollars or just bragging rights on the course.

5 Awesome Golf Games for Betting Among Friends

Dollar Dares:

An immediate classic among friends, this game involves carrying a stack of dollar bills and throwing out random challenges. Whether it’s clearing water hazards, two-putting from a distance, or driving past the women’s tee, each successful challenge earns a dollar, while failure means paying up. It’s spontaneous and keeps the game lively, especially when the challenges are thrown out right when the pressure is on.

Animal Golf:

This imaginative game brings a bit of the zoo onto the golf course. Start by assigning an animal-themed bag tag or token for various mishaps: a camel for landing in the sand, a gorilla for going out of bounds, a snake for a three-putt, and a frog for a water hazard. No one starts with a tag; players earn them through their mistakes. If you call out a friend for earning a tag before they can correct their mistake, you pass the curse on to them. Tally up at the end of the round and exchange the set value for each tag held. This game is great for keeping track of everyone's mishaps and ensuring a few laughs along the way.

Pie Ball:

For those with a sweet tooth, Pie Ball is an appetizing bet. This game is simple: make a chip shot, and the other player owes you a pie. For an added twist, call out the type of pie before making the shot. "C'mon apple crumble!" adds a fun and tasty element to the stakes.

The $20 Bill Game:

A $20 bill is given to the first player on the scorecard, but there’s a catch. If they three-putt or pick up for a gimme, they pass the bill along. By the round's end, the person holding the bill collects $5 from each player. This game can bring out the generosity in players until they remember what's at stake, leading to laughter and some strategic play on the greens.

Progressive Challenges:

This game incorporates various achievements like greenies (closest to the pin on par 3s), sandies (sand saves), birdies, and more, each with a set payout from the other players. The earnings can double with successive wins or specific feats like chipping in. However, failures like four-putting or extra sand shots cost you, paying each player in the group. This game keeps the round interesting, with every hole offering a chance to win or lose.

Bonus Game: Snakes

For those slower rounds, Snakes is an excellent game for passing time. It involves using your club to play a mini game of precision and control, nudging the ball to and from tee markers and ultimately aiming to strike your opponent's ball. Winning can earn you the "pink slip" to your opponent's ball a fun twist that can end up with you going home with a premium ball or parting with your own.


Each of these games adds an extra layer of fun to your golfing experience, testing skill, luck, and strategy in equal measure. Whether it's the allure of winning a pie, avoiding becoming a “camel,” or the suspense of who holds the $20 bill at the end, these games are sure to create laughter, competition, and maybe even some new traditions among your group. Remember, the key is to have fun and not let the wagering overshadow the enjoyment of the game itself. Swing easy, bet smartly, and enjoy the camaraderie of golf betting games.

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