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New Pickleball Waist Bag

New Pickleball Waist Bag

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We are thrilled to bring you our brand new product - the Pickleball Waist Bag. This awesome bag is all about making your game day a whole lot easier. No more wasting time going to pick up a ball to serve. Perfect for those that don't want their opponents to take a breather going to pick up a pickleball. It's super sturdy, made from tough nylon and mesh, and has an easy-open zip compartment. Now, you can carry not just your pickleball but also your phone, keys, sunscreen and more! The best part? An elastic mesh pocket for quick and easy ball access, saving your back and knees from constant bending. So why wait? Amp up your pickleball game with this must-have accessory today! Comes in two sizes.  Make sure to choose the correct belt size.  



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