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Vegas Golf Diva

Bluetooth Speaker Tumbler Golf

Bluetooth Speaker Tumbler Golf

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Add Even More Fun with the Vibe Bluetooth Speaker Cup

Imagine a cup, not just any cup, but a Bluetooth tumbler that syncs with the rhythm of your golf game - all while keeping you hydrated and entertained.

Rodney Dangerfield would love this! Play a little Caddyshack tunes while sipping a cocktail on the course. John Daly would love this too! Or perhaps you may want to simply sip on your morning coffee or other beverage on or off the course.

Experience Amazing Sound and Versatility

Hydrate while you celebrate on or off the course with our hilarious Bluetooth Tumblers. Compatible with any Bluetooth device, the Tumbler offers a detachable speaker at its base for easy cleaning. The non-spillable lid and straw holder ensure your music and hydration sessions are completely leak-proof, allowing you to enjoy and entertain without worry.

Features of the Bluetooth Tumbler

Flashing LED Light with the Rhythm of Your Music

With a LED light that syncs to the beat of your music, this splash-proof, waterproof Bluetooth cup enhances your musical experience.

Keep Drinks Warm or Cold for Extended Periods

Crafted from 18-ounce double-wall stainless steel, the Bluetooth Cup keeps hot drinks warm for up to 6 hours and cold ones chilled for up to 12 hours.

Perfect for Coffee and "On The Course" Cocktails

The Bluetooth Cup, with its heat-retaining and anti-spill features, is ideal for your morning coffee or afternoon cocktails while playing golf.

Ideal for Golfers and Off-Course Entertainment

This Bluetooth-enabled cup offers an engaging musical experience both for golfers on the green and for off-course entertainment. Perfect as a beach tumbler, golf tumbler,  or pickleball tumbler.

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