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Vegas Golf Game

On The Course Golf Game 19(pcs) VIP Edition with Deluxe Tee Bag (3 PACK)

On The Course Golf Game 19(pcs) VIP Edition with Deluxe Tee Bag (3 PACK)

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This has been one of our most popular sets!  We are offering all 3 for only $69.95! Total Value is $150 Great gifts for your friends and family.

Take Your Next Round of GOLF to a New Level!
Trash Talk, Bet and Have Lots of LAUGHS!

You will be The Man with your Golf Buddies when you break out this VIP Edition "On The Course" game from Vegas Golf. This exciting game begins with golfers agreeing on a value for each of the 19 authentic poker chips. Golfers want the positive chips (1-Putt, Birdie, etc..) and want to avoid the negatives (Sand, Trees, Water, 7, Lost Ball, etc..). New Grave Digger chip...Takes you more than one shot to get out of a sand trap.

Your shot goes into the get the Water Chip. Furthest from the pin on a Par 3... gets you the new Beer Chip which puts you on the hook for a round of beverages when the beverage cart comes by. How do you get rid of a negative chip? time you see one of your golf buddies do the same thing (going into the water) you pass or toss it at him as you go by:) Once you walk off the green for that hole...its too late to ask for or give a chip!

The payoff comes down to the 9th or 18th hole. (Option of breaking the game up into the front 9 and back 9.)

Get paid for every positive chip you have and pay out for every negative you have.

ONLY 1 GAME Needed per foursome. Comes with instructions, Free Deluxe Tee/chip bag and instructions.
Vegas Golf "The Most Popular Golf Game in the World!


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